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our style.

Our aim is creating a moment which touches our guests.

We want our guests to feel satisfied, at ease, at home.

This is not only about tangible space, it’s about the interaction between the parties present. There will be elements which give a specific feeling to the space.

Objects, smells, sound, light, shadow, energy.

Guests, products, objects and personnel act in balance.

Every party needs the other to fulfill their potential and only if this synergy develops, an atmosphere is created

Producers Produce Products!


Our target is to celebrate producers out of hamburgs surrounding countryside.

In addition to the restaurant, our aim is creating transparency between the guests and our local partners.

The menu presents the richness found in the Hamburg countryside. The taste will represent what the soil around us creates.

We present to you with pride our suppliers in a booklet we call freundebuch.

All our products used will be marked on the menu with a signature colour tracing them back to the booklet where you will be able to read up on the people behind it, their story and their way of producing.





no secrets and full transparency

products are unchanged and show the producers skills.


local producers

use products in their entirety

working with people that share our values and work at least organically


sharing food and experiences

meet friends

meet new people

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